A Mistake on the Road Could Lead to an Arrest

That's when you need DUI bail bonds in or around El Paso, TX

You might not think that state charges will land you in jail. Unfortunately, that's not true. You could spend days waiting for trial in a jail cell if you can't pay the bond price. That's where we come in. E-Z Bailbonds handles state bail bonds in El Paso, TX. If your charges fall under state jurisdiction, you can trust us for support.

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Tell us about your state bail bonds needs

Tell us about your state bail bonds needs

What kind of situation are you in? Our surety bonds can help you if you've been charged with DUI, DWI, drug possession or any other misdemeanor. Our bail bondsman is dedicated to helping as many clients as possible through possession and DUI bail bonds. When you come to us, you'll get detailed advice and reliable service.

If you're feeling intimidated by possession or DUI bail bonds, you can count on E-Z Bailbonds for help. Schedule a consultation with our bail bondsman in El Paso, TX today.